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Opportunity of Education

   Ms. Khounmee Khamphan, aged 14 years, studying at grade 5, Laopied primary school, Champhon district, Savannakhet province.
   Current living house is located near the paddy field, in Nongkalong village, Champhon district. Before that we had quite big family with 8 members including father and mother, now she is living with the fifth older sister and mom who is blind one eye, her father has passed away, an older brother got married and moved out to new household, also brought one sister with him. The third older sister has left the village and never come back. Her second brother is working as laborer in the village.
   The family is very poor due to lack paddy field for farming, our small house is unstable and no electricity, water source is scarce for consuming. All members used to live together warmly in family, but poverty has separated them and no father who used to be the pillar of labor and support in family. So, everyone has to find work for living and own future.


   The student’s mother suffering from blind because accident when she was cutting firewood for cooking in family, a piece of wood bounced into her eye seriously, the family had no money to heal in hospital, what they could do just buy basic medicine to reduce pain, than it caused her eye to blind. Mother is now older, thus she could not work longer as usual. She can use labor or work harder as she can do before. Everyday, the fifth sister and the student do gardening, be employed as farm laborer by harvesting and any tasks as long as they can do in the village.
   Wage is only 20,000 kip or around 75 THB per day, sometimes we got rice or some food in return for our work. The student cannot work everyday due to go to school and take care of mother. The low wage used for buying food and necessary learning materials ex. Notebook, pen. It did not cover all materials in school. They may have no enough food to eat for all member, we need to find cassava, bamboo shoot in forest or field to cook for food replacing rice.


   Their house is far from school around 7 kilometers, and fortunately, Khounmee has an old bicycle going to school, which her second older brother bought from neighbor for her when he could earn some money from laboring. She had walked to school since studying in grade 1 to grade 3 so it took around 2 hours to get to school everday by foot until in grade 4. The bicycle is sometime broken down and found difficulty for reparing that need money from brother again or sometimes, we need to be in debt. She is cycling about one hour to school or back from school.
   The student and her sister have to wake up 4 o’clock in the morning to work, boil sticky rice, do some house works, water vegetable garden, cook and prepare food for mother before going to school at six o’clock usually, after school, she help her sister working in the garden and cooking.
   Sometimes, she is tired of every day life, but she is never give up or discouraged, she has to work for her family and hope that it will be better later.
   She dreams to be nurse in order to heal pacients and could earn for better living and family.

We could not choose to born to be better lives, but we could choose to be good person

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