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Library Project
     Lao PDR is one of the least development countries where 27% of the population cannot read. Most schools in villages do not even have library facilities or learning centers, a place meant for books with furnitures for children to sit and read. Educational opportunities are severely limited by a lack of access to books and other written materials. Parents, many of whom makes less than $2.00USD per day, simply cannot afford to buy books for their children; Also most parents have little education themselves therefore reading habits at home is little to none. The lack of basic learning material prevents student’s right to a good quality education and to reach their fullest potential. The lack of relevant, quality books and materials has been holding back students striving to improve their lives. These students fight the circumstances that work against their coming to school, only to be met with a classroom severely lacking in the resources they need to succeed. Our children’s poor level of literacy is harming their future.
     EDF-Lao Library Project was implanted in 2004 in creating a solution for the problems mentioned above. The library project consists of building library rooms, renovating old libraries, providing books and furniture, and other necessary materials for providing a library service which serves as a learning and information center for not only the students and schools but for the larger communities as well. There was an urgent need to bring these educational resources to the schools of the rural area and since 2004, Library Project constructed 1 new learning center, renovated 17 and 3 in the process library rooms with new books and furnitures and provided over 940 library bags and boxes. Library box is a portable box (usually it is 80cm by 60cm by 25cm) and it is used to store a number of reading and learning books to provide reading material for primary and secondary schools in the rural remote areas. In schools or classrooms that have no space at all, EDF-Lao created a library bag which hangs from the wall and have pockets for books. The library bag and box is very unique as it is portable and does not take up much space in the classrooms as classrooms have limited in space. The project has benefitted over thousands and thousands of students. 
Reading is essential and overall the project aims to promote literacy and the love of reading
1) Provide reading books to students and villagers to develop reading skills
2) Promote reading and learning among students/teachers/and villagers
3) Increase teaching tool for teachers in order to make the teaching environment more enjoyable and interesting and lastly
4) To play an important role as a learning Center Source for the students, teachers and communities
     Libraries play an important role as it provides opportunities to learn, to read and to progress with their education. These libraries give an opportunity to children, many of whom hardly ever seen a book, to enter the wonderful world of reading for the first time. The project provides picture books, story books, English learning books, and general knowledge books. Fun educational books available helps to encourage independent learning, creativity, intellectual curiosity, thinking skills and a lifelong passion for reading but without the libraries such a chance is limited to the very few.
     Promoting reading among children is important for learning and developing skills. Thousands of children in the rural area benefited from this program as we've seen increased students’ school attendance, improvement in literacy and decrease in dropout rate. The program also enhances the quality of learning and of the school environment.
Ms. Phouthon Xayadeth
Library project PES’s coordinator, Savannakhet Provincial Education Service and sport.
  “The lack of reading books is common in schools in Savannakhet, especially rural remote area. After the library box was supported, I found that students spend most of their leisure time reading books; some even borrow books to read at home instead of just hurrying back home to help the family after school. Moreover, the book is also engaging to both teachers and students, doing and reading activities together. Your help isn't just only a library box itself but its likes giving our children a wisdom center as well, thank you very much for your generous support”.
     Thanks to the generosity of our many donors. The children are not only able to learn in the classrooms but outside the classrooms as well however there are many more children without books, libraries or a place to read. Give these children a chance to know and love books and reading. EDF-Lao continues to seek support and donors.

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