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One School One Project (OSOP) and Lunch Project

        From a study in 2009 by U.N. World Food Programme (WFP), the food situation in Laos is regarded as an “alarming situation.” The malnutrition affects 1 in every 2 children in rural areas and prevents them from developing to their fullest potential and those suffering less likely to attend school. Our OSOP and Lunch Project helps to provide healthy lunches and by doing so kids are better able to concentrate, and get the most out of – and put the most into – their school day. The program is made possible through donors, volunteers and community partnerships.
     The OSOP Project supports a fund for the school's agricultural and livestock production. The outputs from the production are sold for income and the profits are used for the benefit of the schools and for further circulating funds. EDF-Lao provides the necessary information, training, and workshops including production, finance, and marketing knowledge to the community. The project aims to promote income generation, encourage the sharing of useful production information between communities in rural poor areas and also to help provide lunches for students. The goal also focused on schools’ agricultural and livestock activities to become self-sufficient.
     The fund supports targeted schools for three years by providing capital to help strengthen and develop useful cultivation and animal raising activities.
OSOP objectives:     
- Create opportunities for interested primary and secondary school students to learn, in addition to their formal. courses at school, the practical skills of agriculture and livestock production, as these skills will be useful for their daily lives in the future.
- Establish target schools as information sharing sites for interested local villagers and students
- Strengthen target schools through the additional income generated by their OSOP activities so that they can carry out their proposed lunch projects in the future.
     Thus lead to Lunch Project. With the generated product in OSOP project, they can be used to support the Lunch Program. The main activities for this project are (1) providing lunches to students however students bring their own cooked rice from home; (2) providing fund for agriculture activities that will be able to generate products during the school year; Products can be used as ingredients for the school lunch program or sold in the local market. Together with providing lunch and agriculture skills, benefit includes proper nutrition, food security, and good hygiene, which will lead to good health as well as bringing the community together—community empowerment.
     - To solve malnutrition among children by providing free lunch.
     - Encourage children to attend schools.
     - Promote knowledge.
     - Promote school to be self-reliance and sustainable, and lastly.
     - Encourage participation from communities.
Expected outcome:
- Lunch project schools can be a good model and can transfer lessons learnt to other schools.
- Students will be healthy from gaining nutrition food and be active to go to school.
- Students will have knowledge on the importance of nutrition and hygienic principles.
- Teachers/lunch project committees will learn on how to manage the lunch project and can transfer to others.
- School and community participations will be self sufficient and continue Lunch Project on their own when the project phases out.
“Kids learn better when they’ve got food in their stomach”

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