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 Donor Study Trip Project

     Since 1999, the “Donor Trip Project” has provided opportunities for visitors, donors and non donors to be acquainted with the projects implemented by EDF-Lao. It is an intermediary to provide necessary information and educate donors and non donors the current situation of education in Laos (by guiding them to the project sites targeted schools and villages) and showing them exactly where their money is going. Having the experience to see the problem, situation and the project first hand and what we are doing in the field is the best way in reassuring and confirming donors the necessary needs of educational development. Also it is a way to build trust with one another. Lastly, the Donor Study Trip provides opportunities for donors to exchange cultures between donors and Lao students, teachers, parents, local authorities and villagers.
  (Donor Trip Project provides various activities for our donors to be closely involved.To fully experience the Laos culture and customs some activities includes: donors meeting their scholars and their families, joining in the handover ceremony, observing classes, participating in cultural activities such as Baci/Giving ceremony and staying at the host family’s house).
Please note:
Donor Trip varies from one project to another and EDF-Lao will attempt to accommodate as much as possible however no guarentees of specific project site can be made as it will depend on climate, roads and condition.

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