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School Construction Project

     Education is the key route to ending poverty. In rural areas there is often poor access to education and adequate schools are often scarce; Hundreds of villages lack functional primary and secondary schools. Lao government has visions on providing many important policies to develop education in the rural area however the rural area lacks standard school buildings. The KATO Project has been one helping hand in responding to Lao’s government. This construction project has helped alleviate the insufficiencies of standard school buildings in rural area of Laos. Since 1998 more than 35 primary and secondary schools were built and reconstructed to help promote education in rural Laos. Educational opportunities are crucial to young rural Laotians with hopes for a better future. 
The objectives of this project are:
- To improve school facility model
- To increase enrollment rate of all school-age children in rural villages and communities
- To reduce drop-out rate of rural school students
- To encourage and facilitate teachers’ teaching and students’ learning and creativity in a comfortable and safe environment
     ‘KATO Project’ is honored to Prof. Takahisa Kato, a Japanese architect, who voluntarily designs the school structure. The locations where we build our schools are determined by the needs of the country at the time The eco-friendly structure is emphasize making this a very unique and different school building structure compared to others. The structure of the school building mainly consists of tropical wood and interlocking block made from soil and cement.  
The reason for this is to make the building cool from the hot weather. The primary school building consists of 6-room with fully furnished furnitures. We build the school to suit the condition of the area taking in concerns the sunrise/sunset, raining season and hot season as well as having it be long lasting with minimal reconstruction. Our unique building is a environmentally friendly design that can adapt to the hot climate and built to be suitable for the rural area. The design consists of many windows and doors as this will allow wind to go through (helps during the summer time). The roof design is particular unique as it is built low   
to prevent rain from going inside the bulding and there is spacing on the roof where wind can go through and light can shine in. School construction can take six to eight months depending on weather conditions. All of our schools are recognized by the Laotian government as state schools and are staffed by official state teachers who teach the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.
     There are beneficiaries over 5,950 students each year, over 85 Villages with 4 Provinces in Khammuane, Savannakhet, Sekong and Saravan Province. We are thrilled with the support we have received for this project and our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our supporters. We are always looking for support as we feel that education is a right for all and will continue to serve our communities. If interested in supporting to build a school of your own EDF-Lao is the organization to do it for you. The cost of this type of structure is about 85,000USD however we are willing to accommodate to donor’s needs as necessary. Contact us NOW!
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