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Teacher Training at Master Degree Project (TTM)
      Within Millennium Development Goals, achieving primary education of “Education for All” is one of the development priorities. In Laos, a key challenge is to not only provide education for all but also provide good quality basic education. By doing so we need capable and experience educators.
      TTM Project was established in 2004 to support teachers in higher education by providing scholarship awards to Laotian teachers around the country to get their master degree at Khon Kaen University studying in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Scholarships cover necessary cost such as student fees, tuition fees, books, food, accommodation, health care insurance and other operating costs. The uniqueness of this project is that these scholarship participants are committed in making a change in our Education System and after completion of their master degree, will join EDF-Lao in our Society of Pedagogy (SOP) Project to develop and improve Lao Primary textbooks and method of teaching in the classrooms. (Please see SOP project for more info). This project focuses on the development of capable and experienced human resources with strong contents, analysis and applicability to utilize new skills and methodology to develop teaching methods such as
   teaching curriculum, teaching instrument and teaching assessment creation in actual condition of Lao PDR. TTM project is phase 1 of SOP project in which TTM project cultivates the Laotian experts in education who are dedicated in research on education development. Phase 2 is the SOP project and this establishes TTM scholars along with other professional educators in developing and promoting the development of quality teachers and learning materials. The final goal is to develop suitable teaching material and lesson plan consistent to the contents of textbooks for Laotian teachers and improve them continuously. Also‘training of teachers’ TOT approach will be the main philosophy.
     Since the project started, 12 scholars have already completed their academic studies and they are presently contributing in the field of education development in Laos while the other 11 scholars are presently studying.
     If you are looking to make a change in education development in Laos and making a long term difference, this project is for you. The teachers passion for teaching should be rewarded with funds for scholarships and hands-on in classroom training. You can help make an impact on the educational experience of hundreds of thousands of children. DONATE NOW!

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