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EDF-Lao Scholarship Project

      Poverty in Laos is severe and impacts many people’s lives as well as a chronic problem affecting education development. It limits the access children have on educational opportunities especially in rural remote communities. These children living in poverty have the potential and the desire to succeed however what they are often lacking is the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. 
     Despite the education laws, many children are often at home working in the fields, taking care of siblings or in the streets, shops, or factories, earning money. Even bright kids drop-out because their family needs money immediately and promises offered through education seems remote.Poverty is identified as one of the main causes families stop sending their children to school- thus lead to dropping out of school and a challenging life as these children will highly fall into working as a child laborer, child prostitution or human trafficking. Children who grow up in poverty are at a higher risk of living in poverty when they’re adults. Education is the key in providing a better life and ending the cycle of poverty.
      The EDF-Lao Scholarship Project, initiated in 1997, aims to promote basic education in poor rural areas in the central and southern parts of Laos. The objectives are:
1. To provide primary (grade 3 to grade 5) and secondary (grade 6 to grade 8) education scholarships for needy children in rural schools.
2. To provide supportive learning materials to reduce poverty in families and the financial burden on parents.
3. To reduce the drop-out rate of primary school students due to poverty in the family and lack of educational opportunity.

(Scholarship provides majority of learning materials including student uniforms, shoes, stationery, notebooks, school bag and other necessary materials depending on schooling needs)
     Each year, EDF-Lao supports, on average, 5000 students per year. This project has had a great impact on these student’s lives as they are given an opportunity to learn and better their lives. Our scholars show significant improvements in their studies, attendance has increased over the years and with a decrease in dropout rate. There is also an awareness amongst the scholar’s family and community that education is important. With the scholarship program, EDF-Lao’s goal is to reach the Millennium Development Goal of universal access to primary education.
    Thank you everyone who have supported our scholars. You have made a BIG difference in these children’s lives and it is because of you that they will have a better future. Please continue to support EDF-Lao’s goal of “Education for All” and help send these poor disadvantage children to school.
Scholarship donation for Laotian children is equivalent to $66 per year for 3 years, grades 3 to 5, primary level and $144 per year for secondary level grade.
Give them hope, Give them opportunity. Donate NOW!


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