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Scholarship Project

Since poverty is a chronic problem affecting education development and poverty reduction requires newly educated generations in Laos, primary education has become the main focus of our work and must be emphasized. The high drop-out and illiteracy rates remind us of the need for education development. Thousands of rural children have no chance to attend school and lack learning materials and a supportive environment for their education. Many children have to help their parents work in the rice fields or must work at home or as laborers.

The EDF-Lao Scholarship Project has been launched to alleviate poverty and promote basic education in needy rural areas. Scholarships are provided to underprivileged children so they can continue their studies from level P3 to the completion of their primary education. Children whose families cannot afford study materials mostly live in needy areas and make their living by subsistence farming, shifting and slash-and-burn cultivation, and/or toiling each day to search for food from the forest.

Library Project

Approximately 50 percent of primary schools in four provinces (Khammuane, Savannakhet, Saravan, and Sekong) have insufficient textbooks and reading books for students. The Library Project, by providing library rooms, library boxes, and library bags to rural needy primary schools, has played a crucial role in promoting basic education in rural remote areas.

Teacher Training at Master Degree Project (TTM)

TTM, initiated in 2004, aims to strengthen Lao’s teaching force by providing higher education opportunities for teachers and educators. TTM Project works in conjunction with SOP project. Once these quality scholars receive their Master Degree, they will jointly contribute their knowledge and expertise to improve the country’s key instructional materials, namely textbooks and teaching manuals. The Program is a much needed investment in human capital for the Lao education.

Book to School Project (BTOS)

"Book to School" (BTOS) is designed to dually address both today's pressing needs of textbook and teaching manual shortages, and tomorrow's needs for quality learning and teaching tools in the Lao educational setting.
BTOS aims to provide textbooks for primary pupils, teaching manuals for teachers, and future research fundings towards developing improved instructional materials.
BTOS is jointly managed by EDF-Lao and EDF-Thailand. As decades-long, registered NGOs, we have distributed educational support to over 300,000 needy children to date.

School Construction Project (KATO)

The School Construction Project is a school-building project designed and inspected by Mr. Takahisa Kato, a well-known Japanese architect and volunteer. The project emphasizes building primary schools for needy rural villages and communities. Typically the schools built are fully furnished, six-room buildings with a separate four-room toilet building.

Donor Study Trip Project

The Donor Study Trip Project is an opportunity for donors to visit project areas and most trips are organized upon donor’s requests. It is an activity emphasizing cultural exchange between local villages and donors. 

Rural Ethnic Teacher Project (RET)

The Rural Ethnic Teacher Scholarship aims to support ethnic minority students studying at Teachers' Training Schools. After graduation, these new teachers return to their communities in remote areas. The chronic, nation-wide problem of a lack, in both quality and quantity, of primary school teachers is the main obstacle to providing a good education to all children equally.

Primary Healthcare Insurance Project (Bounlai)

Generally, people in the rural areas of the southern provinces and provinces along the boarders live in poor, miserable, and unsanitary conditions. Communicable and non-communicable diseases are the main causes of child morbidity and mortality and are threatening these poor people, especially children, who are considered the most vulnerable group. The incidence of these diseases is heavily influenced by a lack of education, inadequate nutrition, lack of clean water, poor sanitation, poor housing conditions, and limited access to proper health care service. The provision of public health services and sanitary healthcare information is still out of reach for many poor minority people in many rural areas of Laos. The public healthcare system is critically short of financial and human resources, and remains dependent on external assistance. Many heath facilities urgently require physical renovation, and there is a shortage of drugs and equipments, as well as medical personnel and administrative staff. Therefore, The Primary Health Insurance Project, with the support of donors through EDF-Lao, is set up to better rural people’s health conditions in Lao PDR.

One School One Project (OSOP) and Lunch Project

One School One Project (OSOP) and Lunch Project promotes additional income generation and food production activities for students. The project provides the opportunity for students to learn practical activities for agricultural and animal raising, which can help provide food for children and teachers in poor schools and villages.

Society of Pedagogy Project (SOP)

SOP Project is a combination of BtoS Project as well as TTM Project. As a long-term change agent, the Society of Pedagogy (SOP) unites together committed, experienced educators and solidly trained teaching graduates from Teacher Training at Master’s Degree (TTM) Program in bringing sustainable quality improvements to the Lao education by researching and developing textbooks, teaching manuals and teaching methods.

Teacher Training Project (Hoshino)

The Teacher Training project provides training in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The project began in 2002 with the support of the East Asian Circle of Applied Technology (EACAT). The project aims to cultivate local trainers by carrying out workshops in target provinces. The training provided is to strengthen teachers’ academic skills and knowledge and pedagogical capabilities.


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