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Scholarship Project (SLS).


  Scholarship Project is one of the first projects of EDF-Lao and there are over 100,000 beneficiaries. We have seen an increase number of enrollment in primary school and up until 2 years ago shifted our target to providing scholarship to secondary school students. Our work is mainly in the southern area of Laos but we have now expanded to a new area, Xaysoumboune Province. This past year we supported 3,913 students. Yippee!!!

Rural Ethnic Teacher Training Project (RET)


  From 2004 to 2014 EDF-Lao provided a total of 134 Scholarships. In 2015 we additionally provided 31 scholarships with 4 graduating that year. The 4 graduates had return to their village to start the next chapter of their life, TEACHING! Congratulations you 4!!! There are still 47 scholars currently completing their studies. Good luck to the rest of the scholars in their continuing education; their village can't wait for their return. Please note that 100% of EDF-Lao’s scholars successfully graduated and returned to their home to teach. What an accomplishment for EDF-Lao!

Library Project.


  From 2004 to 2014 EDF received donations for over 1000 library boxes and had built 4 fully furnished library rooms equipped with furniture and books. Beneficiary of this project includes 940 schools, and over 50,000 students and teachers. In 2015 EDF received donations for 82 library boxes, which was provided to 51 primary schools, 24 lower secondary schools and 7 high schools. EDF-Lao is extremely grateful that our children will be able to read, read, Read!!!

School Construction.

  Since 1997, EDF-Lao has built 37 primary schools and over thousands of beneficiaries directly and indirectly including: students, teachers, parents, villages, Districts and Provinces. 2015 was a big year for EDF-Lao; EDF-Lao completed the construction of our very first secondary schools, 2 new schools; 1. Kengmuang Secondary School, located in Kengmuang Village, Yommalath District, Khammouane Province which was funded by Fujisu FSAS Co.Ltd. Currently this new school is benefitting 101secondary students, 5 teachers and 4 villages but expect to benefit more as more secondary student’s enrollment will increase as this is the only secondary school in the area. The 2nd school, Dongphaivanh Secondary School is located in Dongphaivanh Village, Xaybouly District, Savannakhet Province, which was funded by Ms. Inoue Fumiko. This school was much needed and currently benefitting 24 students, 5 teachers, and 3 villages as this is just the number of students at the first semester. Since this is also the first secondary school in this area it will benefit more than 160 students (M1-M4). This year EDF-Lao is off to a good start, EDF-Lao is constructing a 2 classroom room and refurbishing an existing school building for Paksenoy Primary School, Xebangfai District, Khammoune Province, funded by Toshima LC and Jingu LC and will expect to complete the end of March 2016.

  1. Kengmuang Secondary School


  There are no Secondary Schools in Kengmuang Village only secondary classes. What I mean is that school students inM1 held their class underneath the old abandon house shown above. Due to the old, unstable stairs and floorings, the class was not held inside but held underneath the house. This was where M1 was taught. M2 classroom was in a separate area, connected to a Primary School. So as you can see there were no Secondary Schools only scattered classes. Thus EDF-Lao built Kengmuang Secondary School, located in Kengmuang Village, Yommalath District, Khammouane Province with students in M1, M2, and now M3 with the plan of expanding further in having M4 class.

 2. Dongphaivanh Secondary School


Lunch Project.


  The goal of this project is to set up a lunch program in schools. This is a 3-year project raising livestocks, growing, planting vegetables and generating income to support school lunches at school. The highlight for this project is that one of the schools was able to generate income to provide lunch once a week. They are working their way up in generating income to provide 3 lunches a week for the whole school. Direct Beneficiaries are 4 schools, 2 Primary and 2 Junior High Schools, with the total amount of 649 students with 304 being girls. EDF-Lao has great plans ahead and will be implementing another project in Yommalath District.

Bicycle Project.


 We are seeing a shift in primary schools and secondary schools. There are more students enrolling in primary schools and increase drop outs in secondary schools and the reason for this is there are very few secondary schools in the area which means children are travelling long distances thus hindering them from going to school on a daily basis. The project started recently in 2014 providing 107 bikes to students in secondary schools. In 2015 EDF-Lao supported 13 secondary school students with 13 bikes. Way to go EDF-Lao! Now these students can ride to their future!

Computer Room Project.


  Fairly new Project that started in 2013; EDF-Lao received approximately 45 computers and printers and was very excited to be bringing technology and computer classes and curriculum into Lao schools. Thus far EDF-Lao has set up computer classes in 3 schools in Vientiane benefitting approximately 5000 students. This is a great accomplishment for EDF-Lao and we cannot let our children fall behind with the rest of the world in technology. EDF-Lao can’t wait to see what 2016 have to bring.

Mini Computer Project.


  EDF-Lao is proud of this project in particular as EDF-Lao received our very first grant for this project. It is a unique project bringing a unique technology to schools in the rural area. EDF-Lao piloted 10 schools in the rural areas of Khammouane and all were successful in building a computer curriculum in the schools. After the project ended, 8 out of 10 schools are still currently using the “minicomputer” in their curriculum. EDF-Lao seeking donors and hope that EDF-Lao can continue to bring technology to the rural areas in 2016. If interested please contact

Book to School Project.


  EDF-Lao’s biggest accomplishment is completing a 5-year project in supporting students in Sekong with their very own set of textbooks, as textbooks were scarce. Over the past 5 years, EDF-Lao has provided over 12,000 sets of textbooks and beneficiaries included students, teachers, and parents themselves. EDF-Lao is proud of all our accomplishments for the year 2015!

Donor Services Project.


  What a busy year! Throughout 2015 EDF-Lao has received important visits from our donors in Japan. They had come to visit their scholars and families, visited their schools in which they donated to, handover new schools, take part in homestay and organized activities and cultural exchanges. In the beginning of February, Jingu LC visited both Phounsoung Primary School in Thakhek District and Paksenoy Primary School in Xebanfai District as well as attended and observed the Teacher Training Technical School in Savannakhet; The end of February, Students from Wakayama University visited Nahom Primary School in Naxaythong District; In March we had HIS and Study for Two visited their scholars and families; (On a side note: Study for Two is a student-led group in Japan who took it upon themselves to help the disadvantage students in Laos). In September another group from HIS and Study for Two made a second visit to Laos. HIS visited Phonexay Primary School, made lunch for the students and played some activities and did some cultural exchanges. Both HIS and Study for Two had a chance to meet their scholars and visited their families in their home. Fujitsu FSAS INC and Fujitsu FSAS Workers Union, donors of more than 10 years visited in November to handover newly built schools in Khammouane (mentioned in School Construction Project above). Dedicated donors of Itakura Machi, made their 9th and last visit. People of Itakura Machi donated to our scholarship program, School construction Project, and Library Box Project. This visit they visited Paktone Village in Lamam District. Last but not least, we have an individual donor, Ms. Inoue Fumiko, who has supported EDF-Lao’s other small project but this past year has made a generous contribution to the School Construction Project. She visited in December to handover the new school to Dongphaivanh’s Village in Savannakhet.

  Visits to the field provided our donors with an understanding about EDF-Lao that a grant application or webpage cannot. Donors seeing first-hand the value of our work can be very powerful to them. We are glad to say that all of our donors had a great experience! EDF-Lao is excited for 2016 and hope to grow and expand in relationships with our donors as well as the work we do. Thank you to all those who made a BIG impact in 2015!



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