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What this Fan Club did was very touching. 

Its better late than never but EDF-Lao would like to thank the fan club of Famous Singer, Lee Jun Ho, who is in the popular boy band, 2PM.  EDF-Lao wishes Mr. Ho, himself, a belated Happy Birthday. His fan club of more than 800 people, for Lee Jun Ho’s birthday gift, came together to rise over $7000 USD to support EDF-Lao’s Library Project.Promoting basic education in rural area is our key objective in order to support the goal of Education for all children, specifically who living in poverty. With the money raised, EDF-Lao was able to purchase 22 library boxes. . What are library boxes? In schools or classrooms that have no space whatsoever Library box is a portable box (usually it is 80cm by 60cm by 25cm) that stores a number of reading and learning books to provide reading material for primary and secondary schools in the rural remote areas. 
The library box is very unique in that it is portable and students get to enjoy reading wherever they go. The birthday gifts of 22 library boxes were distributed to 22 primary and secondary schools in Laos right before his birthday.
 Thank you to the kind hearted and thoughtful fan club of Mr. Lee June Ho. You guys are the best fans anyone can ask for and we need more people like you around the world. We are forever grateful! These are ordinary people who did something so incredible for their idol all while helping the disadvantage children of Laos.


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