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             His parents divorced and his father remarried. His father completely abandoned the family and started a new family and a new life of his own. His mother struggled to raise him along with 3 siblings and unfortunately his mother died due to an illness when he was 10 years old. With no mother and no father, this is the story of Mr. Det Keovongdy

Mr. Det is now 13 years old and being cared for by his 2 older brothers. After the death of his mother, Mr. Det and his 3 siblings had no place to go.

   Their 79 yrs. old grandfather took them in however unable to provide the appropriate care as he was elderly and not in good conditioned himself so therefore his older brothers became his “parents”. Being in such poverty, they are caring for Mr. Det and their little brother the best they can.

Because of EDF-Lao, Mr. Det has been able to focus on his studies and has proved to be a very capable young boy. He attends school regularly and does very well in all the subjects.  Recently his head teacher gave the following comments on his school report:The two older brothers both completed primary school however no further schooling; Motherless and fatherless, the two older brothers had to find ways to care for their younger siblings. They sold fruits and vegetables at the market however this is not a steady and consistent income. Mr. Det also does what he can to help his family such as hunting for mices out in the woods to either sell or eat at home.


“Det is an extremely gifted  young man. He

has the ability to learn quickly and has a good

 study record. With a good foundation and

        support I believe that he will fulfill his dream.”

         Without the support of his donor, Mr. Det would never have gone to school or gone to school but dropped out. From Mr. Det, “I am very happy that someone took a chance on me; With the scholarship I am more determined than ever to stay in school and very determined in my studies. I wish my donor happy and success.”


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