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Book to School Project (BTOS)
"Give them books, give them future"

   "Book to School" (BTOS) is designed to dually address both today's pressing needs of textbook and teaching manual shortages, and tomorrow's needs for quality learning and teaching tools in the Lao educational setting.”
     The textbook situation in Lao PDR is of great concern for the country’s educators at all levels. Textbook supply has depended on government and foreign fundings; its current availability however does not meet national demand. “Book to School Project” provide textbooks to help the underprivileged and disadvantaged children at primary school level in rural areas of Sekong Province, while our long term goal is to develop and improve textbooks and teaching instruction aids, to reach international standards by cooperating with Research Institute for Education and Sciences (RIES) of Laos as well as Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES). (Please refer to SOP Project as well for further information). Without access to a sufficient foundation in speaking, reading, and writing, a student simply does not have the tools for a successful education or future.
(In some schools, the textbook use ratio is 4 students per textbook which is not effective or efficient in learning at all. This project provides an urgent need to provide books to all students while SOP project is a project in research and developing quality textbooks and teaching method)
(1) To provide textbooks to each and every students
(2) To achieve the objective in developing , improving and promoting quality textbooks, teaching guidance books and other instruction media, and teaching methods in order to improve their quality to reach international standard
Set of Textbooks for Students
The Textbook set for student is 3 books for one package which consist of 4 subjects:
     (1) Lao language textbook
     (2) Mathematics textbook
     (3) Moral Education and World Around Us textbook
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