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The Theun-Hinboun Power Company is happy to support the EDF-Lao Books to Schools Project. THPC places great emphasis on education and books in its own development program across its project area in Bolikhamxay and Khammouane provinces.

As a believer in the great importance of education for all Lao children, THPC admires the initiative displayed by EDF-Lao and is proud to support their work.

THPC runs community development programmes in resettlement and relocation villages around its project area along the Gnouang, Hai and Hinboun rivers. Each village has access to a purpose-built school and the company’s Social & Environmental Department also works with district education offices, teachers and parents to help children get the most from their schools.

A pilot program launched at the Ban Nongxong primary school in Khamkeuth District is now being introduced in the other villages. Schools are provided with attractively decorated and well equipped libraries to encourage reading. Children are asked to decorate, clean and maintain the school toilets to ensure their continued use and to foster community ownership of the school. Food gardens tended by the pupils not only improve nutrition but alsod help the children develop life skills, while organised after-school activities such as sports, art and music classes promote school participation and good attendance levels.



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