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Lunch Project in Thakek

After 6 hours of driving through the ill-maintained highway roads, one could only expect an underdeveloped area. Although Thakek city had a brilliant infrastructure, it possibly only lasted a few kilometres – basically walking distances; while, the rest of the province is an incredible reflection of extreme poverty.  Look around and you find: Malnourished, unhygienic and below average lifestyle. With this sight in mind, as an intern to EDF, I feel incredibly proud to be with an NGO that helps others, and genuinely follows the saying:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This basically means that EDF is actually helping these people to become independent in all necessary ways instead of further crippling them with unproductive support. I’m intrigued as to how EDF is so well organized. Their efficiency with documenting each occurrence on site as well as effectively addressing the problems that arise is amazing.

The NGO is truly dedicated to making life better for these villagers. And these villagers are extremely lucky to have a group of people somewhere in the city who are constantly thinking about their well-being and putting efforts to make changes for the good, especially when the urbanites have so many other distractions than social responsibilities.

Over all, after this trip, if I were to rate EDF as an NGO it would be 4.5/5!



By: Sudha Wadhwani

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