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Experience at EDF Lao


After having interned at EDF for a period of a month, I can truly say that all the employees and staff at the NGO are incredibly kind-hearted and generous people. Working with them was a delight because they are so supportive and understanding about everything.

One extremely good asset for their NGO is the attitude they have towards their work. They are extremely dedicated, hard-working and open-minded. They are exceptionally welcoming to new comers. Personally, I had no experience within the NGO field – but they were always open to my ideas. In fact, they even used some. That in itself is very honouring. They have no resistance to new ideas and more efficient ways of doing things. And that is one commendable trait.

Along with that, they are always motivated to go the extra mile to help the villagers concerned.  In the month, I’ve never seen anyone unwilling to do some extra work or just shrugging off their responsibilities. There’s an internal motivation the staff has that is eternally flamed and again, that is another strong asset for the NGO.

To top it off, there is a healthy balance between individual work and team work. The staffs are ever ready to help each other out when required. It is the team work that really runs the NGO.

Overall, my experience with EDF has taught me about core values and motivations of NGOs and what characteristics make a NGO successful. I’d definitely recommend anyone looking for a rewarding experience in the field of NGOs to work with EDF Lao

Sudha Wadhwani 

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