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Wheelchair Donation

          EDF-Lao’s mission is helping children in the education sector however EDF-Lao also believes in helping in general of those in needs. EDF-Lao created a Face Book page called Helping Lao People and we have received two stories that would bring tears to your eyes. EDF-Lao have raised funds and was even able to get a special personalized wheelchair. Here are their stories.

Ms. Andy was 3 months old when she had a seizure that made her paralyze from the neck down.  Her life has been spent in a wheelchair with family members actively caring for her and loving her. She comes from a very poor family; she lives with her mother and 2 older siblings who work day and night but they know Ms. Andy is their first priority. They take care caring for her and does everything such as toileting, bathing, dressing, feeding, brushing teeth, combing her hair etc…Ms. Andy is unable to speak but can understand. She uses noises to make her needs known. She has a contagious big beautiful smile and when you see her smile you immediately want to smile with her. You can see in her deep light brown eyes that, despite her disability, she is happy. Her family tries to treat her as normal as possible. They would take her outings a couple times a year to places such as the Thatluang Festival, Water Boat Festival, and a concert where she met her “boyfriends (twins),” who are Thai singers her mother jokingly said. Her mother showed us pictures and Ms. Andy turned red with a BIG smile on her face. Transport is difficult but the family wants her to see the outside world instead of staying home all the time. It takes 3-4 people to carry Ms. Andy and the wheelchair up onto a tuk tuk but its worth it says her family. Andy’s mother was extremely happy with the wheelchair and look forward in taking Andy out for the New Year. 

EDF-Lao along with donors visited Ms. Andy at her house and provided her with donations, pampers and a brand new specialize wheelchair. She has been in her old wheelchair for approximately 12 years. Just imagine how worn out, torn, and broken the wheelchair was; she has outgrown the wheelchair and it has become unsafe for her and her caregivers. With her new wheelchair, Ms. Andy is now sitting up properly, her legs are extended out and she is able to recline and stretch her back. A BIG THANK YOU to WAFCAT for providing a specialized wheelchair for Ms. Andy. The wheelchair was adjusted and fitted by the Rehabilitation Center in Vientiane.

Imagine seeing the world from a ground level unless you are being picked up and carried. And imagine never leaving your home.  This is a true story of Mr. Oun. At 8 months he became very sick and for an unknown reason became paralyzed. He comes from a poor family and unable to get proper treatment therefore Mr. Oun’s diagnosis is unknown. He is now 19 years old but looks like he can be 7 or 8 years old. All his life he just lies on the floor and watches TV morning till night. His parents had hung a ball from the ceiling for him to play with but that is the most activity he could do. His family is very poor and are labor workers so they have no choice but to leave Mr. Oun home alone all day. However during meal time, Mr. Oun’s mother would come and feed him and return back to work.

EDF-Lao and some of the donors visited Mr. Oun and his mother at their home. It was such a sad sight to see. As we drove up we saw a little boy lying by the door. He knew we were coming and wanted to greet us. Even though he was unable to speak he had a big smile on his face. It just melted our hearts to see him and hear his story. EDF-Lao helped raised funds for Mr. Oun and donors brought goodies for him and the family. EDF-Lao also provided a used recliner wheelchair as he is unable to sit. With the recliner wheelchair he can now see the world from a higher view and be able to leave the house for a short day trip. It will be his first trip leaving the house after so many years. Thank you everyone for your support.


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